know god

We know God as we worship together.

Sunday School 9am

Church 10:20am

  • relevant sermons

    Rev. Dr. Aaron Fitch is in his early 40's. He has been in ministry since July 2000. Recently he received his Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership, from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. His messages are inspiring, authentic, and Spirit-led. Pastor Aaron, as he is called at KUMC, has a commitment to personal Spiritual Growth, which is evident in his relevant messages.

  • Morning prayer Service

    In October of 2014, Pastor Aaron went to South Korea with Bishop Cho and several other clergy. His experience was powerful as he watched the dedication of the South Korean Christians as they practiced morning prayer. Pastor Aaron witnessed hundreds of South Koreans come to church to attend morning prayer at 5am. Pastor Aaron came home to KUMC and started a morning Prayer Service which occurs weekdays from 6-7am.

  • holy communion

    Holy Communion is practiced the 1st Sunday of the month. As United Methodists, we believe that communion is open to any that desire it.

  • Nursery

    KUMC provides a caring environment in our newly remodeled nursery. We have a paid, staff member, as well as friendly church volunteers in the nursery each week. Childcare is for children 5 and under. Nursery is also available at 9am, during Sunday School.


    Ronald A. Dye conducts the Chancel Bells. The hand bells range across 4 octaves and the members range from all generations with the youngest member being in middle school. Ron took over in loving memory of Ms. Anne Terrell who brought a renewed energy to the Chancel Bells. 


    The Wind Ensemble is comprised of brass and reed instruments. They lead worship on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.Twice a year they feature benefit concerts in the evenings that are extremely popular in the community. Ronald A. Dye, the conductor welcomes all levels of musical talent as he done a tremendous job conducting for over the past 25 years. CLICK THE IMAGE TO LISTEN

  • chancel choir

    The KUMC Chancel Choir leads worship each Sunday. The choir practices regularly on Wednesdays at 7pm. The choir sings a wide variety of music. Kelly Henshaw is the director and she works very hard to keep the choir challenging and fun. 


    Mimi Henshaw directs the preschool/elementary choir. They practice on Sunday mornings, during a portion of the Sunday School hour, certain Sundays. Her sister-in-law, Kelly, directs the middle/high school choir. They sing popular Christian songs, such as Speak Life by Toby Mac. Both ladies work so hard with the youth and are much appreciated!