care & connect

Mission Statement

Care and Connect ministries at Kernstown United Methodist Church is dedicated to keeping people safe and  connected to God and to each other.  Through fellowship, food, visiting and sharing information about our lives, we believe the Holy Spirit moves throughout our congregation and community.   We are always open to creative ideas and opportunities for ways to encourage participation in this vital characteristic of Christian Discipleship.  All are welcome to join in this important work of the church.

Meet the team!

Jeffrey  Affolder
Kaye-Beth Ambrose
Margaret Anderson
Janine Avvenire
Krista Baker
Alison Barr
Ginny Birdsong
Kimberly Black
Tod Black
Butch Bloxom
Gregory Bloxom
Louis Bundrick
Patty Burchard
Paul Burchard
Carolyn Carney
Darren  Carper
Jo Anne Carper
Jimmy Castro
Maria Castro
Sarah Charles
Nancy Chick
Martin Collins
 Suzanne Conklin
Barbara Cooper
Marcy   Cormier
Shirley  Dick
Brittany Dillow
Steven  Dobbin
Charlie  Donohoe
David Donohoe
Audrey Dorton
Ric Dunkle
Sandy Dunkle
Kevin Dye
Virginia Ebbs
Kevin Ecker
Gina Elder
John Elder
Emilie Epstein
Lee Folger
David Ford
Sherry Ford
Christine Franklin
Jim Franklin


Michael Franklin
Pam Franklin
Matt Fuller
Leslie Harding
Ronald  Harding
Nelda Harless
Terice Harris
Lloyd Henry
Brian Henshaw
Kelly Henshaw
Christopher Hill
Jennifer Hill
Jonathan Hill
Roger Hill
Susan Hill
Mark Hottle
Cherilyn Kelchner
Mary Kay LaFollette
Loretta Lantz
Aimee LaRusso
Arthur Lee
Brenda Long
Polly Look
Tammy Look
Danielle Mango
Jim Markley
Mary Markley
Noah Marshall
Kenny Martin
Lynn Martin
John Mason
Jeffrey Matthews
Eddie McDonald
Michael  McWhorter
Doris Miller
Dwight  Miller
Janelle  Miller
Constance Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell
Bret Morgan
Mary Morgan
Matthew Morgan
Michael Morgan
Cheryl Morris

Ginny Morris
Paul Morris
Dolly Park
Jim Park
Cindy Peyton
Kris Pine
John Pitzer
Sheila Pitzer
Frank Plum
Tina Raia
Elizabeth Renner
Will Rodgers
Barb Sankovich
Maneika S-Walker
Bucky Sibert
Carolyn Sibert
Charlotte Smith
Jennifer Smith
Judy       Smith
Ronald  Snyder
Cleatus Spitznogle
Madonna Sponaugle
Cheryl   Spurr
Steven  Spurr
Steve    Straight
Timothy Stump
Jane Thomas
Lindsey Thomley
Nancy   Tisinger
Judy       Toth
William Tumblin
Victoria Turley
Mary     Walker
Roy        Walker
DeAnn  Whitacre
Dorothy White
Breanna Wilhelm
Brooke Wilhelm
Jennifer Wilhelm
Bob Wilson
Lorraine Wilson
Norma  Wilson
Pam       Wilson
Abigail   Youmans
Midge   Youmans
Margo   Young
Paulette Zottig
C&C 05/22/2023