care & connect

Mission Statement

Care and Connect ministries at Kernstown United Methodist Church is dedicated to keeping people safe and  connected to God and to each other.  Through fellowship, food, visiting and sharing information about our lives, we believe the Holy Spirit moves throughout our congregation and community.   We are always open to creative ideas and opportunities for ways to encourage participation in this vital characteristic of Christian Discipleship.  All are welcome to join in this important work of the church.

Meet the team!


Brenda Long
Maria Castro
JoAnne Carper
Nancy Tisinger
Gary Yost
Ann Rodgers
Polly Look (& Hope Fund)


Carolyn Carney
Loretta Lantz
Charlie Donohoe
Steve Spurr
Cheryl Spurr

Health Ministry

Doris Miller
Dwight Miller
Susan Hill
Amy Youmans