educate & equip

Mission Statement

The Educate and Equip ministry at Kernstown United Methodist Church is dedicated to providing leadership and direction to the Christian education of church members of all age groups. Educate and Equip is responsible for identifying teachers and discussion leaders; organizing and coordinating Sunday School, Small Groups; and developing other educational opportunities throughout the church year. We will explore new approaches to promote and foster opportunities for members to grow in their faith through Christian education, provide Christian education opportunities within the community, and work collaboratively with other KUMC ministries to develop new opportunities for children and families. We will also look to create new opportunities such as Bible studies, Christian-based classes, and small group studies that will attract new members and visitors through non-traditional time offerings and virtual meeting opportunities. Our goal is to develop a sustainable program that educates and equips to further everyone’s growth and development as a Christian.

Meet the team!

Judy Allen
Larry Anderson
Mary Anton
Zachary Anton
Carla Ay
Steven Ayers
Savannah Bailey
Shelvy Bayne
Ruth Bennington
Barbara Bledsoe
Laurie Bundrick
Alex Burns
John Butler
Elaine Cain
Carolyn Carney
Shelly Carson
Doug Chapman
Bradley Charles
Justin Childs
Russell Creswell
Anthony DeMayo
Margaret DeMayo
Audrey Dorton
Danna Doyle
Ric Dunkle
Sandy Dunkle
David Dye
Ronald  Dye
Caroline Fields
Carroll Fuller
Doris Gavurnik
Sarah Gordon
Adrienne Greatorex
Bob Greatorex
Lauri Greene
Bryan Hartley
Beth Heaton
Brian Henshaw
Jacob Henshaw
Kelly Henshaw
Brenda Homer
Patsy Homer
Richard Homer
Ronald  Homer
Francoise Lee-Spielman
Grace Lewis
Pamela Lipscomb
Thomas Littman
Kyle Mahutga
Peter Mango
Vicky Maphis
Ashley Martin
Pamela Martin
Ginger Matthews
Michael Michael
Ryan Michael
rystal Minor
Priscilla Minor
Barb Mosser
Kevin Mosser
James Nesselrodt
Julie Nesselrodt
Mark Neufer
Jeanne Newlin
Becky Reedy
Tammy Reedy
Clinton  Ritter
Clinton  Ritter
Christina Rust
Chris Scott
Samantha Scott
Douglas Seabright
Arthur Shelby
Concetta Shipp
Janie Slater
Alan Snapp
Jacalyn Spitznogle
Cheryl Spurr
Steven Spurr
Sarah Steele
Jessica Straight
Joan Tetrick
Gary Tisinger
Stacy Umbenour
Mary Walker
Roy Walker
Steve Wilhelm
Bradley Wilkins
Michael Wilkins
Dana Williams
Katie Winters
David Worthington
Timothy Youmans