Mission Statement

The Reach and Serve Ministry of Kernstown United Methodist Church is dedicated to assisting in proclaiming the Gospel beyond the congregation into our community and the world.  We envision a congregation where everyone is ready and willing to help those in need as well as witness to those who are lost. Reach and Serve will encourage the congregation to spread the Gospel outside our congregation through acts of compassion, service, proclamation, and evangelism to those who have yet to hear the Good News.
Adopted by the Committee, January 13, 2022

Meet the team!

Don Adams
Seth Anton
Deborah Arbogast
Joseph Arbogast
Wendy Aube
Catherine Augustine
Carole Ay
Jean Ann Ayers
Bridget Bailey
Barbara  Baltimore
Pat Beckwith
Jeffrey  Bloxom
Jeremiah Brown
Andrew Burns
Betsy Burns
Grace Bushby
David Carper
David Chapman
Brandi Charles
Daniel Conklin
Lisa Dawson
Nicholas Dawson
Zachary Dawson
Thomas DeMayo
Rachel Donald
Charlie Donohoe
Ric Dunkle
Sandy Dunkle
Patricia Dye
Dawn Weagley  Fincham
Emily Folger
Linda Fuller
Mark Fuller
Peggy Gillich
George Glaize
Bruce Gordon
Charles Hale
Brian Henshaw
Kelly  Henshaw
Roger Hill
Susan Hill
Jane Kasoff
Betty Lou Langager
Gary Lantz
Gussie Lee
Cathy Lichvar
Rich Lichvar
Mark Lipscomb
Selena Littman
Chris Lutz
Lisa Manuel
Debbie Martin
Gary McDonald
Lori McKinney
Brandon Michael
Doris Miller
Tat Mills
Donna Minor
Derek Minter
Richard Nenge
Akiko Neufer
Jeremy Park
Stacey Park
Hannah Redman
Scott Renner
Catherine Richard
Lindsey Rickard
Scott Ridder
George Ritter
Aaron Rust
George Rust
Gary Sanders
Katie Sanders
Alexandra Scott
Jeanne Seckman
Austin Shipp
LaPaula Smith
J. L. Snider
Cheryl Spurr
Steven Spurr
Julie Staggers
Venisa Stonesifer
Nathan Straight
Terri Taggart
Carmen Thompson
Steve Vann
Shawn Weagley
Tina Weagley
Steven  Wells
Betty Wilkins
Brian Wilkins
Roy Wilkins
Alan Wilson
Blane Wilson
Kenneth Wilson
Sandy Wilson
Todd Wise
Amy Youmans
Bill Yowell