health ministry


* Graduate of Medical College of Virginia / Virginia Commonwealth University in Nursing
* Graduate of the Shenandoah University School of Nursing Faith Community Nurse Foundations Course
* 50 + years of experience as a clinical nurse
* US veteran of the Army Nurse Corps
* Married to Dwight Miller (retired pharmacist), they have 2 adult children
Contact Information: Church Office 540- 667-7298 and leave message  or email,  cell phone 540-303-3135, home phone 540-869-7919.

 Faith Community Nurse (Parish Nurse) is a registered nurse (RN), who has had educational preparation in wholistic ministry 
and who provides special health promotion services within a faith community. 
She assists individuals in gaining optimal mental, physical, and spiritual health by complementing the ministry provided by the pastor and other lay ministers.
 The parish nurse guides the health ministry as a part of the Care and Connect Group.    
Some of the services that she may provide are:
*Screenings for blood pressure on 2nd and 4th Sundays after church
* Education for all age groups on health-related issues such as Advance Directive, nutrition, exercise, parenting, elderly patient care, preventing falls, stress management, and CPR
* Hospital, nursing home and home visits for assessment of health care needs, if needed
* Accompany individual to medical appointments, if needed
* Provide transportation to medical appointments, if needed
* Special prayer and healing services
* Referrals to appropriate community resources
* Health tips in KUMC Newsletter, bulletin, or informational board
The parish nurse does NOT: Provide hands on care (the parish nurse makes referrals to Home Health or other community agency to provide direct care)