worship & wonder

Mission Statement

Worship and Wonder Work Area is dedicated to welcoming all people in God’s love, and inspiring faith and hope through prayer, preaching, music, silence, the sacraments of holy communion and baptism, and other experiential moments.  The Worship and Wonder Ministry Team is intentional about how people encounter the living God.

Lorraine Shelton, Chair:

Anyone from the Congregation is welcome to attend
Watch calendar for dates

Meet the team!

Betty Lou Langager
Brian Henshaw
Cathy Lichvar
Cathy Richard
Charles & Nelda Harless
Charlie Donohoe
Cheryl Spurr
Danny Aube
Dave/Sherry Ford
David Landrum
Fred and Marie Cheshire
Gary & Gerri McDonald
Gary Heaton

Gene & Barbara Wise
Georgia Poe
Jerry & Judy Chapman
Jo Ann Larrick
Josh Rott
JR Richard
Kelly Henshaw
Linda Straight
Loretta & Gary Lantz
Lorraine Shelton
Maria Castro
Nora Seabright
Ric Dunkle

Roger Hill
Ruth Folger
Sandy Dunkle
Sarah Gordon
Scott Keeler
Sonya Hess
Steve Spurr
Steven Wells
Susan Hill
Suzanne Conklin
Vicki Adam
Wendy Aube